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Sick and tired of the boring and mundane?


Have a need for something different? Want to escape the ordinary day to day and to feel alive again? Then get up off the couch, ring your mates and get the guys together for the adventure of a life time. 

With Adventure rides Vietnam you get just that. Feel exhilarated and alive as you ride through some of the most beautiful, exotic country on earth. Across the top of the world, along the mountains of a land forgotten. This will be an experience you will never forget. The people, the food, the laughter and the friendship.

Take a journey on roads seldom travelled, away from the tourist busses. Where you will see the real Vietnam and meet the true people of the amazing country. Let our friendly guides take you on any of our 3 rides or a private tour. Unlike the rest we let you book when and where you wish to ride.

Choose from the relaxing 5 day meander around the old French resort town of “Da Lat”. Or the more adventurous 7 day “Mountain ride”. To the historical “Tour of Duty” 13 day ride along the Hoh Chi Minh trail up to Khe Sanh. If that doesn’t get your motor running. You can even just book a private get away for just you and your friends. Either way there is a ride for the novice up to the hardened traveller.

Our rides start in Da Lat with a 1 day orientation ride (Getting you use to the bikes and conditions) This secret tour will take you to places no one else knows about, into the villages only we go. But sssh don’t tell anyone.

Included in the rides are motorcycle, helmet, guide, fuel and accommodation. These rides are safe and the bikes easy to operate, with a choice of either automatic or manuals. For more information and to book a ride. Please click the tours available on left hand side.



Villagers go to work floating a shallow river in Tam Coc. Ninh Binh, Vietnam_0

Pricing, Terms and Conditions

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